[kaffe] Re: [Rxtx] Kaffe & rxtx & armv5b

Trent Jarvi taj at www.linux.org.uk
Tue Nov 9 09:21:19 PST 2004

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Jari Korva wrote:

> Hi,
> what is the current status of Kaffe and RXTX?
> I've tried Kaffe (cvs head) together with rxtx (2.1-7pre17) on my big
> endian XScale. It was able to find all my serial ports
> (CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifiers()) but when I actually tried to
> access the ports, the system crashes:
> Leaving registerValidPorts()
> CommPortIdentifier:getPortIdentifier(/dev/ttyM1)
> CommPortIdentifier:open(SerialDemo, 30000)
> RXTXCommDriver:getCommPort(/dev/ttyM1,1)
> RXTXPort {}
> RXTXPort:RXTXPort(/dev/ttyM1) called
> RXTXPort(open)
> Segmentation fault
> It seems to die while returning from configure_port() to
> JNICALL RXTXPort(open).

Hi Jari

There was an issue solved in 2.1 CVS that may be causing the observed 
problem.  RXTX was including the kernel termios rather than the glibc 
termios.  The later is larger and would overrun the former while 
configuring the port.  I had not seen this cause problems but others did.

You can do a simple test with pre17 by cutting the following out of 

#       include <asm/termbits.h>

There is also a fix for threading issues which should help *bsd and Kaffe.  
This would obviously be after the port is configured.  But we have no
testing results for Kaffe at this point.

Trent Jarvi
taj at www.linux.org.uk

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