[kaffe] Re: java.util.date problem (on SH4 & X86)

徳井 崇博 t_tokui at kyototechnica.co.jp
Fri Nov 12 08:16:37 PST 2004

As a result of advancing analysis, it turns out that a problem is in 
java.util.date or gnu.java.locale package.

Although it does not understand in detail , we succeed in avoiding.

The process for avoiding below:
    1.  rt-precompiled.jar (included kaffe-1.1.4.tar.gz) defrost
    2.  get java.util and gnu.java.locale java source files from 
kaffe-1.1.x-cvs source
    3.  compiled with kaffe-1.1.4 that source
    4.  overwrite that class to defrosted rt-precompiled.jar
    5.  recompress rt-precompiled.jar
    6.  and make

Maybe libralies/javalib/rebuildLib  should be done the above-mentioned 
But It was not able to use correctly for us.

I investigate in detail what has happened owing to.

Best regards.

Takahiro Tokui

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