[kaffe] Now officially supporting Kaffe for ostermiller utils libraries

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at mail.hidec.co.jp
Sun Oct 3 17:22:13 PDT 2004

Thank you, Stephen, for testing your utilities with Kaffe.

In message "[kaffe] Now officially supporting Kaffe for ostermiller utils libraries"
    on 04/10/03, Stephen Ostermiller <1010kaffe at ostermiller.com> writes:

> 3) I got the following exception when trying to run the unit test for
> the Circular Buffers:
> java.io.IOException: Interrupted system call
>    at java.io.FileDescriptor.nativeAvailable (FileDescriptor.java)
>    at java.io.FileDescriptor.available (FileDescriptor.java:307)
>    at java.io.FileInputStream.available (FileInputStream.java:159)
>    at java.io.FilterInputStream.available (FilterInputStream.java:129)
>    at java.io.BufferedInputStream.available
> (BufferedInputStream.java:150)
>    at com.Ostermiller.util.CircularBufferTests.<init>
> (CircularBufferTests.java:110)
>    at com.Ostermiller.util.CircularBufferTests.main
> (CircularBufferTests.java:93)
> I don't get a similar exception with any of Sun's run time environments
> that I have tested (1.3, 1.4, or 1.5)

This does not happen and CircularBufferTests normally ends
with the CVS version of kaffe dated 2004-09-22.

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