[kaffe] JamVM on ARM (XScale)

Robert Lougher rob.lougher at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 04:46:02 PDT 2004


As far as my testing goes, JamVM works fine on little-endian ARM
machines.  I test each new release of JamVM against the latest
Classpath version on an iPAQ (with a PXA250).

The problems that could arise are that I assume floating-point
emulation is enabled in the kernel (affects calling-convention).  I
also didn't realise that there was any big-endian ARMs running Linux. 
However, a simple patch should fix JamVM for BE -- the endian-ness of
doubles are a bit wierd on ARM.  If anbody's interested I can send it
to them (though I can't test it).

I'd also be interested to hear if anybody else has used JamVM on ARM. 
For example, is requiring floating-point emulation in the kernel a
problem?  As I said, the only changes needed is related to the
calling-convention.  JamVM assumes floats are passed in registers. 
I'd need to modify the routine that constructs a native call frame
(JamVM's equivalent to sysdepCallMethod) or use libffi.


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