[kaffe] ARM: unable to load .class files - Help required

Thomas Winkler tom at qwws.net
Tue Oct 12 02:23:51 PDT 2004


> The File code has changed quite a bit in CVS, it's merged with GNU
> Classpath now. Could you give it a spin and see if that works better for
> you?

I just compiled the current CVS code. But this doesn't solve our problem - we 
still get the same errors.
As my colleague, Markus, reported we think to have tracked down the problem to 
be JNI related. We have written some JNI test code. As long as we are 
returning ints from the c functions it works but it fails for longs.

What we could not figure out is how JNI is implemented. Which JNI functions 
are involved when calling a c function? Please give us a pointer where to 
look at so we can investigate further.

Tom Winkler 

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