[kaffe] Re: mipsel/jit3 regression test results

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Oct 13 10:00:51 PDT 2004

Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
Hi Kevin,

thanks for hopping in. I was forgot to CC: you on my replies to draw 
your attention to the thread, my bad. Sorry about that.

> As a MIPS guy who beat his head against the wall of the broken JIT3
> a couple of years ago, I'm really interested in this, and I'm really concerned
> that I never saw the original message from Makolaj to which the message
> below is a reply, though I did see Timothy's message explaining how to
> manually run the tests.  We have a spam filter in place, but it doesn't delete
> messages, only tags them as spam, so that's not the cause. Has anyone else 
> noticed a problem with the kaffe.org mail relay lately?


He submitted a bug report about kaffe to debian, popped in on IRC and 
then took it to the list, fortunately. Thanks for staying persistent, 
Mikolaj. :) I hope this time around we'll get the mips jit to work.

Mikolaj's not subscribed, so I need to wave his messages through the 
spam filters. I could add him to the list of people who can post without 
being subscribed, if he wishes, though. :)

The threads about MIPS & jit with Kevin from 2002 (March-June, I 
believe), 2003, and 2004 with him & Casey also may contain some patches 
that haven't been applied yet. If you, or Casey are aware of patches 
that I have let slip under the floor, please point me to URLs, and I'll 
be very glad to merge them in. There was a lot of intersting commentary 
on the JIT engine between Kevin, Casey and Tim that was over my head, 
essentially, as I'm not very familiar with the core JIT engine. But I'd 
be glad to play patch-bot :)



Essentially, just grab the kaffe mailing list mbox and read Kevin's 
mails. The mbox archive of the list is available on 
http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe.mbox/ . It is huge, though :)

I've been meaning to go through the mbox archives hunting for unapplied 
patches, but I don't have a mips device for testing, so chances are I'd 
break more than I'd fix.

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