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Wed Oct 20 00:32:23 PDT 2004

Hi Jari,

Jari Korva wrote:
> Then I tried adding a debug call to static block of System.java. Even that
> doesn't work:
> /wrk/ipaq/u/jko/test/bin/java -cp test.jar hello
> Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
> Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.
> java/lang/NullPointerException
>         at java.lang.System.debug(System.java:native)
>         at java.lang.System.<clinit>(System.java:43)
>         at java.lang.ClassLoader.<init>(ClassLoader.java:115)
>         at java.lang.ClassLoader.<init>(ClassLoader.java:111)
>         at
> java.security.SecureClassLoader.<init>(SecureClassLoader.java:60)
>         at java.net.URLClassLoader.<init>(URLClassLoader.java:544)
>         at kaffe.lang.AppClassLoader.<init>(AppClassLoader.java:237)
>         at kaffe.lang.AppClassLoader.<clinit>(AppClassLoader.java:35)
> Is JNI broken on armv5b?

If the interpreter works, then probably no. The only difference between 
interpreter and jit wrt JNI is the setting of the exception handler in 
kaffe/kaffevm/jni/jni_i.h as far as I know.

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