[kaffe] Re: ARM: unable to load .class files - Help required

Thomas Winkler tom at qwws.net
Thu Oct 21 01:53:28 PDT 2004


> Wow, cool. So the kaffe now works for you with libffi?

I'm a colleague of Markus.
Yes - kaffe now works with the fixed libffi on our (BE) XScale.
But we've ran into other problems which seem to be related to threads. We have 
a custom application that makes heavy use of threads. It is know to work fine 
with SUN's JRE. But it always locks up when using kaffe (cvs version + 
Markus' libffi fix). Is it correct that there are known thread related bugs 
in kaffe?

Since the weekend we've also got JamVM running on our XScale (thanks to the 
help of Rob). So far it seems to work great! With JamVM we have not seen any 
problems related to threads. The application is behaving the same way as with 

> The mailing list on libffi at sources.redhat.com is for patches, bug
> reports and general libffi discussion. For good measure, you could also
> use the gcc bugzilla, as libffi is part of gcc.

Markus is currently working on a bug report. He'll crosspost it here.

Thomas Winkler

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