[kaffe] Bug Report with 04/09/05 CVS under Debian Sarge with QT support

Laszlo 'GCS' Boszormenyi gcs at lsc.hu
Sat Sep 4 15:41:26 PDT 2004


 I have just checked out kaffe, and noticed it needs QT since the last
stable release. On Debian GNU/Linux it can not be configured as the
script looks for qglobal.h, but as '$QTDIR/include/qglobal.h' (configure
line #53226). But Debian has qglobal.h under qt3, qte2 and qte3 so it
can not find qt no matter what someone set with the '--with-qtdir'.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/search_contents.pl?word=qglobal.h&searchmode=searchfiles&case=insensitive&version=unstable&arch=i386

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