[kaffe] Re: Latest status of m68k/netbsd1/jit3 (was: Sad story for my platform...)

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Mon Sep 13 02:00:52 PDT 2004

Hello Kyio,

In <200409130146.i8D1kji03088 at snoopy.src.ricoh.co.jp> Kiyo Inaba  wrote:
> I went to Akihabara (very famous place in Tokyo where more than 100
> electric stores in 1 km^2), and got IIci (roughly 40 Euro) this 
> weekend.

Woh... and who says computing is expensive! You spoiled guys you :)

My IIci is in best shape ever too. I was at a friend who moves his place 
and needed to get rid of some parts. I found some quite rare simms with 
PAL chip and now my IIci sports whopping 68MBytes of memory!!! 
Fortunately Apple designed stuff well in 1989 :) The IIci is definitely 
a very compact but nevertheless good machine. I hope your has the 
optional Cache Card, if not try to get it. It really makes a difference.

Among the other 68k items I have here "idle"... I have a IIsi I can give 
away. Shipping it to Japan may be overkill but someone else in Europe or 
Italy could be interested. It is minimally equipped but in working order 
and has the optional PDS-NuBUS bridge which means it can easily take a 
normal mac ethernet card. Also it means that it has the FPU (definitely 
a good thing to have).

And last but not least I still have my full 68040 I rescued from my 
quadra. So if you want a real fast machine, ultra-quiet and quite 
powerful (and extra low-power), Kyio... Go to your favorite store and 
buy an LC475. That box crams in the space of a traditional LC a real 
workstation. Only they shipped it with a crippled LC chip. It is 
socketed, take LC out put my full CPU in and you have a beast. It takes 
72pin simms and you upgrade it to 36Mb easily. A standard LC ethernet 
pds will give you connectivity. SO you could easily run OpenBSD on it 
for example.
(I had such a beast and run serial on it also I did not yet have the 
full CPU and so I gave it away for space reasons to a friend).
> The latest snap can be built without modifying any, and the test 
> result is 	================================ 	22 of 144 tests failed 	
> Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org 	================================
> Not so bad.

No, not bad. Could have been definitely worse. If you think that OpenBSD/
68k still fails interpreter...


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