[kaffe] solaris results

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed Sep 15 03:35:30 PDT 2004


4 failures is not so bad? also apart from the typical network interface 
problem they point all to the same timeouts.
And being this a dual HyperSparc I think that it is not a "timeout" due 
to insufficient CPU speed but really a problem.

CLTestConc.fail            NetworkInterfaceTest.fail
GCTest.fail                ThreadState.fail

> cat *.fail
Timeout - 300 seconds - killed
Timeout - 300 seconds - killed
kaffe.util.NotImplemented: OS doesn't support getifaddrs()
   at java.net.NetworkInterface.getRealNetworkInterfaces (
   at java.net.NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces (NetworkInterface.
   at NetworkInterfaceTest.main (NetworkInterfaceTest.java:23)
Time out.  Failure.


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