[kaffe] reproducible lockup with jit3 in System.runFinalization()

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Thu Sep 16 02:29:56 PDT 2004

Noa Resare wrote:
> On tis, 2004-09-14 at 23:40 +0200, Noa Resare wrote:
>>continuing with the detective work to get mauve to work with cvs kaffe
>>on my box i found a lockup in System.runFinalization(). When I run the
>>attached code the kaffe-bin process hangs with 100% CPU usage. When
>>attaching to the process with strace i get this:
> I have made some progress narrowing this down. The following takes place
> in /kaffe/kaffevm/kaffe-gc/gc-mem.c
> Somewhere a gc_block structure (let's call it EVIL) gets added to
> another list without first being removed from prim_freelist. When
> gc_primitive_free() merges EVIL with another recently free'd gc_block it
> calls gc_remove_from_prim_freelist(EVIL). Because EVIL was added to
> another list after prim_freelist it gets removed from that list and
> stays on prim_freelist. A few cycles later it gets added once more to
> prim_freelist, and once prim_freelist has one entry twice it loops
> infinitely in gc_add_to_prim_freelist() trying to find the end of the
> list.
> Now fixing it is just a matter of finding that other addition, that
> messes up the EVIL->free value causing it to be removed from the wrong
> list.
> To track this down I would suggest that routines that add gc_block
> structures requires that their free member is set to NULL. routines that
> detach gc_block structures from a list is responsible for setting free
> to NULL.
> What do people think about that? Perhaps there are other esoteric error
> conditions that would also be uncovered by such a convention.

The problems is that the "free" field has two meanings. Either a pointer 
on the next element pointer of the former one (followed ? :) ) either a 
direct entry point in the free list of the small blocks. Maybe the two 
lists are messed up at that point. As you suggest we may set "free" to 
NULL in gc_remove_from_primfreelist, it will ease the debugging a bit 
and keep the list consistent. In the case of small blocks, I think you 
may clear free just before gc_primitive_free. If you find some other 
places feel free to do it.

Meanwhile, I'll look at the freelist management ... again... ;)


Guilhem Lavaux.

> cheers/noa

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