[kaffe] [PATCH] Re: reproducible lockup with jit3 in System.runFinalization()

Noa Resare noa at resare.com
Thu Sep 16 12:25:09 PDT 2004

On tor, 2004-09-16 at 11:29 +0200, Guilhem Lavaux wrote:
> The problems is that the "free" field has two meanings. Either a pointer 
> on the next element pointer of the former one (followed ? :) ) either a 
> direct entry point in the free list of the small blocks. Maybe the two 
> lists are messed up at that point. As you suggest we may set "free" to 
> NULL in gc_remove_from_primfreelist, it will ease the debugging a bit 
> and keep the list consistent. In the case of small blocks, I think you 
> may clear free just before gc_primitive_free. If you find some other 
> places feel free to do it.
> Meanwhile, I'll look at the freelist management ... again... ;)

I have found the problem now. What I didn't notice at first was the
relocation of the gc_block array that realloc() sometimes preforms. It
doesn't take into account when gc_block->free holds a pointer into the
old array. The attached patch fixes that.

Please apply.


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