[kaffe] Bug for cross-compilation

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Sep 17 04:24:20 PDT 2004

Hi Dalibor,

You wrote:
>> Is my understanding correct?
>Mostly ;)
>gjdoc classes reside in tools/gjdoc. They end up in their own gjdoc.jar. 
>  --with-rt-jar is there to help cross-compiling & bootstrapping. 
>--with-gjdoc is there because not everyone may need a javadoc 
>implementation. For example, debian ships gjdoc as a its own package.

You win :-)
I simply forget or misunderstand it was built to its own jar file.

>I could change it to --enable-gjdoc, if that would make it clearer.

Well, my preference is to use 'enable' rather than 'with'.


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