[kaffe] perhaps we should include kaffe/po/*.gmo in cvs

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Sep 28 15:50:44 PDT 2004

Guilhem Lavaux wrote:

> I have not included .gmo files specially because I don't like binary 
> files in CVS and they are anyway generated for any snapshots. But I 
> agree it is harder to have a fully functional CVS for "exotic" 
> platforms. My main objection to the autotools comparison is that it is 
> far easier to get a gettext package (any package should work with 
> current .po) than for the complete autotools suite (where you need to 
> get the exact version).

My bug, really :( I need to go over gettextize again, and make sure that 
we include the intl directory again. There were some small problems last 
time around, so I hope I can sort them out now.

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