[kaffe] Re: [Xen-devel] java control of xen

Jacob Gorm Hansen jacobg at diku.dk
Fri Apr 1 16:21:41 PST 2005

Adam Heath wrote:
> In an effort to push xen into more parts of the computing world, I am
> announcing the start of a brand new project here at Brainfood.
> Our plans are to port Xen to run *inside* a JVM(Kaffe), so that we can make
> use of the write-one-run-anywhere mantra.  The magic piece of code that will
> enable this is Mips2Java.
> Unfortunately, at this time, Xen does not yet run on mips.  So, we are looking
> for volunteers to port Xen to mips, so that then we can have Xen run under
> Kaffe, which will then let us run it on the final platform, mobile phones.

I am all for that, I also think you guys should consider porting the 
Jython Java/Python runtime to run inside Xen, so that in the longer term 
we will be able take advantage of the Twisted libraries in Xen, for 
instance I imagine the scheduler could be rewritten on top of Twisted's 
excellent async programming framework. This would also make room for 
more use of SOAP and XML, so that security policies for sHype could be 
fetched on-demand from a centralized web-service. Talk about an agile, 
service-oriented VMM!


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