[kaffe] HSQLDB and Kaffe

Fernando Lozano fernando at lozano.eti.br
Mon Apr 4 14:28:06 PDT 2005

Hi there,

Just to report HSQLDB (hsqldb.sf.net) seems to run fine under Kaffe 
(tried both standalone and server modes). There are only quirks with the 
GUI utilities, specially the DatabaseAdministrator. It runs, but the 
screen flickers, and sometimes I have to click on the results pane to 
see the result of queries. Besides, all windows get the wrong sizes, 
leaving part of the components clipped out.

I am sending a screenshot so you can see that I mean, hope the list 
accepts it. Anyway it looks much nicier than the same AWT app running 
under Sun Java2 (both 1.4.2 and 1.5.0). :-)

Some GTK asserts are triggered by the application, it guess because of 
this the SQL commands history is allways empty. Should I send the 
assertions to the list?

Used the 1.1.5RC tarbal 
(http://www.kaffe.org/~robilad/kaffe-1.1.x-cvs.tar.gz) for HSQLDB and 
Tomcat (see previous message)

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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