[kaffe] HSQLDB and Kaffe

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Tue Apr 5 00:02:25 PDT 2005

Fernando Lozano wrote:
> Hi there,
> Just to report HSQLDB (hsqldb.sf.net) seems to run fine under Kaffe 
> (tried both standalone and server modes). There are only quirks with the 
> GUI utilities, specially the DatabaseAdministrator. It runs, but the 
> screen flickers, and sometimes I have to click on the results pane to 
> see the result of queries. Besides, all windows get the wrong sizes, 
> leaving part of the components clipped out.
> I am sending a screenshot so you can see that I mean, hope the list 
> accepts it. Anyway it looks much nicier than the same AWT app running 
> under Sun Java2 (both 1.4.2 and 1.5.0). :-)

Hi Fernando,

which version of HSQLDB did you tried ? The Debian package maintainer
had problems with 1.7.3 and kaffe because of NIO locking, but someone
said these problems should be solved in 1.8.0RC3. So the version would
be interesting :-)


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