[kaffe] Running Tomcat 5.0

Supreet Sethi supreet at linux-delhi.org
Mon Apr 4 22:18:08 PDT 2005

I have been getting the problem running jboss more so than tomcat. 
Have'nt tested out jboss on latest CVS so can't say.



Fernando Lozano wrote:

> Hi there,
> Having read many reports on the archieve of success running Tomcat 
> under Kaffe, I decided to try myself using Tomcat 5.0.28. Although 
> many JSP pages and Servlets do run ok (icluding the Tomcat Manager and 
> most samples) many applications, including some examples and the 
> Tomcat Administrator fail with the following exception
> java.lang.IllegalStateException: Zip file already closed: 
> /d/local/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/common/lib/commons-pool-1.2.jar
> Any idea on how to workaround this, or should I fill a bug report? And 
> the bug report should go to Kaffe or Jakarta?
> []s, Fernando Lozano
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