[kaffe] [Question]jike and kaffe

neo anderson freeonfair at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 19:33:54 PDT 2005

lately i try to install kaffe on my pc box,
yet i found out one thing makes me confused. 
when "./configure" in the kaffe* folder, messages is
as follow. why do we need jikes? isn't jike acting the
same as kaffe (simply it's released via ibm)?
therefore, if i need to use jike, why i have to use
i appreciate any suggestions, sincerely.

========== MESSAGE ======BEG
checking for jikes... no
checking whether to use jikes... configure: error: No
jikes compiler found. It i
s required to build Kaffe's class library. Recommended
is jikes version 1.21 or
========== MESSAGE ======END

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