[kaffe] Re: Kaffe 1.1.5 "Development" Release available for download

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Mon Apr 18 05:28:49 PDT 2005


In <4262D586.7000100 at kaffe.org> Jim Pick  wrote:
> We don't currently have a full QA test suite rigged up that a build 
> must  pass before we do a release.  I think that's something we should 
> put  together before we do a production release.

well, we already have regressions. And apparently this is hard enough on 
some platforms already :)
For some platforms "building" is already is already a challenge.
Also, measuring the number of test cases is of limited measure. Of 
course "0" is what we strive for and "80 out of 147" means something is 
deeply broken. Once a few remain, they have to be taken with common 
sense. SOme stuff might not be implemented, otherwise even a single 
failure can indicate bugs in the GC or the threads...

> The development releases do get quite a bit of testing (compile 
> testing  on various platforms, mauve, gump, etc.) but it's done in a 
> distributed  matter by various individuals in the projects.
yes, this is very important, no test suite can replace "real" usage. 
Release platforms should have least possible known bug (we have two 
kinds of bugs: those deriving from the class library and those deriving 
from the JavaVM), build on as many platforms as we can and not depend on 
GNU make (once this was distinctive...)


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