[kaffe] Current configure options for the debian package

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Mon Aug 15 06:15:02 PDT 2005

Hi Dalibor,

as requested - these are the current configure options
in the kaffe debian package. Feel free to suggest more,
better ones etc. for 1.1.6

Especially which engine should be used on which
architecture with 1.1.6 - currently all use the
default - except mips,mipsel and powerpc intrp.


Common configure options

--infodir='/usr/share/info' --mandir='/usr/share/man' \
--with-jni-library-path='/usr/lib/jni' --without-kaffe-qt-awt \
--without-kaffe-x-awt --disable-nls --with-jikes

--with-engine=intrp on mips, mipsel, powerpc

jthreads package on all architectures:

--without-classpath-gtk-awt --disable-sound --without-alsa

pthreads package on all architectures:


pthreads-profile - only on i386:

--with-staticvm --with-staticlib --disable-sound --with-profiling 

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