[kaffe] I want to use java TV API. Am I able to use kaffe vm?

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Fri Dec 2 06:11:25 PST 2005

임동기 wrote:
> Hi~
> I'm going to develop digital tv middleware.
> So, I want a java virtual machine.
> I think two methods to use jvm.
> One is personal basis profile of sun's j2me.
> The other is a kaffe vm which is implemented java TV API.
> I want to know PBP porting method or use kaffe vm(include java TV API).
> I'm goint to use IXP255(Xscale) board and embeded linux.
> What do I do for java TV API?
> I'm in the great hopes that your helps.

Here is a bunch of links I sent to someone else asking similiar questions:

I have been looking around a bit, and I found a few things that might be
of interest for your project:

futuretv <http://www.media.hut.fi/~as75120/2003/english_material/>

Futuretv is a project of helsinki university i Finland. They have used
Kaffe as the basis for the java implementation of the digital TV project.

Among the interesting papers is this one with screenshots of the Kaffe
based interface:


The project has been largely done by Paolo Cesar, afaict. He had a
conference paper in 2002 describing his work:

A Graphical User Interface Framework for Digital Television

finally, a link to his homepage
TKK - TML - Pablo Cesar <http://www.tml.hut.fi/~pcesar/>

Another of his intersting Digital TV projects is BROCOM
BROCOM <http://www.tkk.fi/Units/IDC/brocom/sub/terminal/abstract.html>

Regarding MHP classes, you may want to have a look at OpenMHP - OpenMHP
is a Free implementation of MHP classes.

And there is a currently working project implementing MHP on Kaffe at
Source Forge:

SourceForge.net: Project Info - Interactive VDR

Some information on the pluging is available from:
Mhp-plugin - VDR Wiki <http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Mhp-plugin>

Finally, a screenshot of kaffe's AWT running on directFB
kawt.png (PNG Image, 1280x1024 pixels) - Scaled (52%)

On a side note, Kaffe developer Jim Huang (jserv at kaffe.org) is currently
working on a Kaffe Operating Environment, based on his Kaffe Multimedia
project described at

A presentation of what he's currently working on is available at

As for running Kaffe on Xscale, you'll have to spend some time getting
the jitter to work, afaict from various accounts on this list. Don't
expect things to work out of the box without spending some time with gdb
and your board and diving into Kaffe's source to fix whatever bugs stick
out on xscale.

You may want to also look at other free VMs like IKVM, Cacao, JamVM,
SableVM, etc, which may or may not work better in your target
environment. I don't have an xscale around to be able to tell what would
make for the current simplest choice, I'd expect some work would be
necessary to customize them in either case for your digital TV needs. :(

If you are interested to hack on Kaffe on arm/xscale and make it shine
there, your patches would be most welcome, as we get quite a few
reqiuests for kaffe on arm/xscale.

dalibor topic

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