[kaffe] I want to use java TV API. Am I able to use kaffe vm?

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 08:05:34 PST 2005

As Dalibor opened up to have thoughts on XScale VMs let me say that
I'm having better luck with JamVM (interpreted-only) on my IXP425
board, at least the show-stopping thread-problems could be diagnosed
and amended on JamVM. If I had some time to spare I would try to see
if Kaffe problems may have a similar solution, but currently I have

Some other bits I had trouble were located in the Java class libraries
and  I've sent upstream to Gnu Classpath, which benefits both VMs.


On 12/2/05, Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> wrote:
> 임동기 wrote:
> > Hi~
> > I'm going to develop digital tv middleware.
> > So, I want a java virtual machine.
> > I think two methods to use jvm.
> > One is personal basis profile of sun's j2me.
> > The other is a kaffe vm which is implemented java TV API.
> >
> > I want to know PBP porting method or use kaffe vm(include java TV API).
> > I'm goint to use IXP255(Xscale) board and embeded linux.
> >
> > What do I do for java TV API?
> > I'm in the great hopes that your helps.
> Here is a bunch of links I sent to someone else asking similiar questions:
> I have been looking around a bit, and I found a few things that might be
> of interest for your project:
> futuretv <http://www.media.hut.fi/~as75120/2003/english_material/>
> Futuretv is a project of helsinki university i Finland. They have used
> Kaffe as the basis for the java implementation of the digital TV project.
> Among the interesting papers is this one with screenshots of the Kaffe
> based interface:
> integration_of_appli..>
> <http://www.media.hut.fi/~as75120/2003/english_material/temp/digitv/integration_of_applications_into_digitv.pdf>
> The project has been largely done by Paolo Cesar, afaict. He had a
> conference paper in 2002 describing his work:
> A Graphical User Interface Framework for Digital Television
> <http://wscg.zcu.cz/wscg2002/Papers_2002/E87.pdf>
> finally, a link to his homepage
> TKK - TML - Pablo Cesar <http://www.tml.hut.fi/~pcesar/>
> Another of his intersting Digital TV projects is BROCOM
> BROCOM <http://www.tkk.fi/Units/IDC/brocom/sub/terminal/abstract.html>
> Regarding MHP classes, you may want to have a look at OpenMHP - OpenMHP
> is a Free implementation of MHP classes.
> <http://www.openmhp.org/>
> And there is a currently working project implementing MHP on Kaffe at
> Source Forge:
> SourceForge.net: Project Info - Interactive VDR
> <http://sourceforge.net/projects/interactive-vdr>
> Some information on the pluging is available from:
> Mhp-plugin - VDR Wiki <http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Mhp-plugin>
> Finally, a screenshot of kaffe's AWT running on directFB
> kawt.png (PNG Image, 1280x1024 pixels) - Scaled (52%)
> <http://www.directfb.org/screenshots/kawt.png>
> On a side note, Kaffe developer Jim Huang (jserv at kaffe.org) is currently
> working on a Kaffe Operating Environment, based on his Kaffe Multimedia
> project described at
> http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2004-April/045904.html
> A presentation of what he's currently working on is available at
> http://jserv.sayya.org/embedded/embedded-graphics.pdf
> As for running Kaffe on Xscale, you'll have to spend some time getting
> the jitter to work, afaict from various accounts on this list. Don't
> expect things to work out of the box without spending some time with gdb
> and your board and diving into Kaffe's source to fix whatever bugs stick
> out on xscale.
> You may want to also look at other free VMs like IKVM, Cacao, JamVM,
> SableVM, etc, which may or may not work better in your target
> environment. I don't have an xscale around to be able to tell what would
> make for the current simplest choice, I'd expect some work would be
> necessary to customize them in either case for your digital TV needs. :(
> If you are interested to hack on Kaffe on arm/xscale and make it shine
> there, your patches would be most welcome, as we get quite a few
> reqiuests for kaffe on arm/xscale.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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