[kaffe] libraries/javalib/external/classpath/doc/*.info files are missing

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Dec 7 17:42:37 PST 2005

Ito Kazumitsu wrote:
> Hi Kiyo,
>>>The building of recent CVS version fails with the following message.
>>You met same problem as I faced (and reported titled 'build failure for
>>nb1.6') several days ago.
> Sorry for missing your message.  I did not think that would be a
> problem to me.

Same here ;(

>>>| However, all GNU distributions should come with prebuilt info files,
>>>| thus makeinfo should not be needed.  If you notice a distribution
>>>| that does not come with *.info files, please report it as a bug.
>>>Since Kaffe's CVS tree is not a GNU distribution, *.info files
>>>being missing may not be a bug.  But I think there sould be
>>>some comment on the required texinfo version.
>>I have not checked the contents of this documentation, but my feeling
>>is (even if Kaffe is not part of GNU distribution) this should be a
>>bug :-)
>>If noone has objection to put prebuilt *.info file into CVS, I will
>>do that in this weekend.

Sounds fine to me. Do the info files get built during a make dist step? 
Then we could simply add a "make dist classpath" step to the resync 
script, and untar that over the classpath dir, instead of copying the 
files over.

> It is OK for me.  But external/classpath comes from GNU Classpath,
> so the problem is wheher GNU Classpath should keep prebuilt info
> files in their CVS repository.  GNU Classpath is a GNU distribution,
> so released GNU Classpath packages must have prebuilt info files,
> of course.  But whether or not they should always be kept in the
> CVS repository may be another question.  Anyway I will ask GNU Classpath.

In general, GNU Classpath tries to keep generated files out of its CVS, 
so no configure scripts, Makefile.in files, and I guess no info files 
either. It's a different phiolosophy. ;)

That's why the resync-classpath script does an autogen.sh call on the 
newly checked out GNU Classpath.

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