[kaffe] libraries/javalib/external/classpath/doc/*.info files are missing

Ito Kazumitsu kaz at maczuka.gcd.org
Wed Dec 7 15:43:36 PST 2005

Hi Kiyo,

> >The building of recent CVS version fails with the following message.
> You met same problem as I faced (and reported titled 'build failure for
> nb1.6') several days ago.

Sorry for missing your message.  I did not think that would be a
problem to me.

> >| However, all GNU distributions should come with prebuilt info files,
> >| thus makeinfo should not be needed.  If you notice a distribution
> >| that does not come with *.info files, please report it as a bug.
> >
> >Since Kaffe's CVS tree is not a GNU distribution, *.info files
> >being missing may not be a bug.  But I think there sould be
> >some comment on the required texinfo version.
> I have not checked the contents of this documentation, but my feeling
> is (even if Kaffe is not part of GNU distribution) this should be a
> bug :-)
> If noone has objection to put prebuilt *.info file into CVS, I will
> do that in this weekend.

It is OK for me.  But external/classpath comes from GNU Classpath,
so the problem is wheher GNU Classpath should keep prebuilt info
files in their CVS repository.  GNU Classpath is a GNU distribution,
so released GNU Classpath packages must have prebuilt info files,
of course.  But whether or not they should always be kept in the
CVS repository may be another question.  Anyway I will ask GNU Classpath.

> BTW, Kaz, what is the build environment for this. Since it is ok with
> linux-2.4.18 based redhat (maybe RH7.2?).

My problematic environment is also a linux-2.4.18 based redhat.
Haven't you installed a newer texinfo by chance?

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