[kaffe] jikes related problems for the SNAP

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Dec 11 18:33:06 PST 2005

Hi Dalibor,

Dalibor wrote:
>Kiyo Inaba wrote:
>> For the latest snap (051208), I got two problems with jikes.
>> 1) '--with-jikes' option of configure script got slightly different
>>   semantic. Until recently, the option can get parameter for the path
>>   of jikes, but this snap did not pass parameter for this option to
>>   sub configure. This makes detection of jikes fail in configuring
>>   classpath.
>It was a bug. Thanks for reporting it, Kiyo, I've checked in a fix now.

Thanks for fixing it. I will check your mod with the original machine
later. The machine is II-ci and it is now busy to check weekly regression
(for jit3/jit/intrp), these days it takes more than 48 hours :-)

>> 2) With older version of jikes (1.19) the option 'no-shadow' is not a
>>    valid option, and invocation of jikes failed with this SNAP. I hand
>>    edit Makefiles (and TestScript) and got proper result.
>>    Checking the version of jikes while configure and set proper
>>    pedantic warning corresponding to the version of jikes should be
>>    very appreciated.
>OK. I've seen that GNU Classpath checks for jikes version already, so I 
>can probably model a check off that code. I'll build me a jikes 1.19 and 
>play around with it until I have it working.

That's what I'd like to check also. But I played with some old coldfire
based board (just started, and may take long, BTW), and do nothing for
this :-<


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