[kaffe] jikes related problems for the SNAP

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Mon Dec 12 04:39:22 PST 2005

Kiyo Inaba wrote:
>Dalibor wrote:
>>Kiyo Inaba wrote:
>>> 2) With older version of jikes (1.19) the option 'no-shadow' is not a
>>>    valid option, and invocation of jikes failed with this SNAP. I hand
>>>    edit Makefiles (and TestScript) and got proper result.
>>>    Checking the version of jikes while configure and set proper
>>>    pedantic warning corresponding to the version of jikes should be
>>>    very appreciated.
>>OK. I've seen that GNU Classpath checks for jikes version already, so I
>>can probably model a check off that code. I'll build me a jikes 1.19 and
>>play around with it until I have it working.
>That's what I'd like to check also.

I found why configure works till last week.

In old 'configure.ac'
 at line 755, AC_ARG_WITH([jikes],...[JIKES="$withval"],...)
 at line 772, JIKES="$JIKESPROG +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +E"
 at line 784, JIKES="$with_jikes"

so if I specify '--with-jikes=something' the something is interpreted
as 'the jikes compiler command name AND argument to it'.

But new
 at line 775, ... JIKESPROG="$withval"...
 at line 805, JAVA_COMPILER="$JIKESPROG +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +E"

so even with '--with-jikes=something', the something is interpreted
as 'the name of compiler options are given by configure'.

Shall we add autogenerated compiler options or treat as old version?


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