[kaffe] merging java.lang.Class ?

Helmer Krämer hkraemer at freenet.de
Wed Jan 5 07:14:11 PST 2005


after merging java.lang.Classloader, I tried merging
java.lang.Class and got so far that kaffe passes most
of the regression tests. The attached patch is not yet
ready to go in (I still have to fix the reflection
stuff and do some cleanup), but it is far enough to
decide whether we want something like it or not. 

So far, I've simply changed the order of the fields of
struct Hjava_lang_Class to match the order of the variables
in classpath's java.lang.Class implementation. That way
java.lang.Class and struct Hjava_lang_Class are still
interchangeable and we don't have to change large parts
of the core. The rest of the merging is just renaming
some methods and adapting Kaffe_FindClass so kaffe is
still able to find the application classes.

Any thoughts?

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