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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Jan 28 09:35:45 PST 2005

Nektarios K. Papadopoulos wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Nektarios!

> I am building kaffe from latest CVS. I want no awt and no sound (my 
> target is an embedded system).

ARM, nice ;)

> All are fine except that I have to manually edit both:
> - include/Makefile
> - libraries/clib/Makefile
> in order to have a succesfull build. They refernce some gtk, awt and 
> sound related files and directories. The offending lines can be seen on 
> the attached diffs.
> Unfortunately I am not at all comfortable messging with .am files so I 
> can't provide proper patches :-( Sorry !

thanks. I've fixed the first problem with libraries/clib now. The idea 
not to run kaffeh on sound and awt files when the native libraries are 
not built is a good one, too, so I'll implement that now.

> I have on more (not so important) problem I am facing lately (I can't be 
> positive about when it first appeared). I use the option:
> --with-class-library-profile=allbutawt.profile
> ...and allbutawt.profile is a text file located at libraries/javalib 
> listing the classes I want to be included in rt.jar. But the build 
> system seems to ignore me, and ALL classes are compiled and included in 
> rt.jar. Even though during make I read:
> ...
> mkdir lib
> if test "allbutawt.profile" = default; then \
>         /bin/sh ./rebuildLib @all.files; \
> else \
>         /bin/sh ./rebuildLib @allbutawt.profile; \
> fi
> Compiling classes from  @allbutawt.profile  using  jikes 
> +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +E -d 
> /home/u2/npapadop/build/kaffe-temp/libraries/javalib/lib
> BTW:
> jikes version is 1.22
> autoconf version is 2.59
> automake version is 1.8.4
> and I do configure and make on a directory different from the one kaffe 
> sources are located (if this should be of concern).

Thanks. I'll look into that tonight, as well.

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