[kaffe] Sync with classpath: xml patch not present

Simon Kitching skitching at apache.org
Tue Jul 12 00:44:13 PDT 2005


I raised an xml-related bug [1] against classpath which was recently
marked "fixed" by Chris Burgess (before 0.16 classpath). I would like to
get my hands on a Kaffe version with the fix in it so I can test apache
jakarta-commons projects against kaffe but it *appears* that kaffe
doesn't have the fix despite the recent commit by "robilad" labelled
"Resynced with GNU Classpath: ...xml...". 

However when building kaffe from cvs the issue is still present. Is
there some more xml-related syncing still to be done?

I don't know exactly what files were changed by Chris. CVS version 1.2
of "gnu/xml/xpath/NamespaceTest.java" appears to be a unit test patch
corresponding to the bugfix. 

I have seen references to "classpathx" as an external project but don't
quite understand how this fits in. All I know is that jamvm with
classpath 0.16 appears to work ok so I am assuming that classpath 0.16
does include the xml handling code.




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