[kaffe] Sync with classpath: xml patch not present

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Jul 12 05:42:42 PDT 2005

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Simon Kitching wrote:
>>I raised an xml-related bug [1] against classpath which was recently
>>marked "fixed" by Chris Burgess (before 0.16 classpath). I would like to
>>get my hands on a Kaffe version with the fix in it so I can test apache
>>jakarta-commons projects against kaffe but it *appears* that kaffe
>>doesn't have the fix despite the recent commit by "robilad" labelled
>>"Resynced with GNU Classpath: ...xml...". 
> Hi Simon!
> thank you very much for the bug report, it seems that the gnu/xml
> packages are indeed not in sync with GNU Classpath.
>  diff -x CVS -urN kaffe/libraries/javalib/gnu/xml/ classpath/gnu/xml/ |
> diffstat
>  aelfred2/XmlParser.java |    2 +-
>  dom/DomDocument.java    |    8 ++++++--
>  dom/DomNsNode.java      |    2 +-
> I will look into those and fix the deviation. I assume that I must have
> missed those changes somehow. I am sorry for the inconvenience it has
> caused.

I found the missing checkin from Chris, and applied it to kaffe's copy
as well. All should be well now.

dalibor topic

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