[kaffe] German translation of kaffe.pot (de.po)

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Mon Jul 18 23:38:13 PDT 2005

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Wolfgang Baer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> attached (as gzipped tar to avoid mailing problems) a german
>> translation for kaffe internationalization :-)
> Danke, Wolfgang!

Gern geschehen !

> Thanks for the update. I've been working meanwhile to merge Runtime &
> Process from GNU Classpath into Kaffe as a precondition to some other
> merges, which turned out to be as tricky as expected as it behaves odd
> on our test suite while working fine when installed. I am sure I'll get
> it fixed though. ;)

Sounds like the big merge is going on everywhere !

>> BTW, do you intend to synchronize to classpath 0.17 for 1.1.6 ?
> Yes. I'd like to have 0.17 for 1.1.6, and merge in some more things
> (rmic patches with ASM from cp-tools, 

How do you want to do that ? Do you intend to merge the ASM source
also to kaffe - so we can built rmic with asm sources from kaffe.

Thats needed because asm library is currently in contrib in debian and
if it would be needed for building kaffe it would force kaffe into

I already have filed a bug report for moving to main a long time ago.
I will have to raise the severity.

> and antlr for gjdoc). 

Not debian releated as we have our external gjdoc

> to have the Runtime changes done soon,today or tomorrow, and then I can
> move on with the rest of the merge.

Thats fine - as said we ca make a quick for an test upload to
experimental if you want. I will have to find a sponsor as Arnaud is
currently not available - but this should work.


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