[kaffe] Getting 1.1.5 running on OpenBSD 3.7

Vacuum Joe vacuumjoe at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 14:33:05 PDT 2005

> OpenBSD's process limits default to low values. You
> need to increase them using ulimit or limit
> depending
> on your shell.

You are correct.  I set the limits to "unlimited" and
now Jikes compiles, and I can use Jikes to compile
Kaffe.  So that is the trick for compiling Kaffe on
OpenBSD: either set the limits to "unlimited" for the
compile, or grab a copy of rt.jar from somewhere else.

Once I get this all done I'm going to try to make up a
new Kaffe 1.1.5 package for OpenBSD so it will be easy
to use.  Right now OpenBSD has a package for a very
out-of-date version of Kaffe and Tomcat requires
installing Sun's JDK, which is a very cumbersome
procedure on OpenBSD.

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