[kaffe] Getting 1.1.5 running on OpenBSD 3.7

Kurt Miller truk at optonline.net
Tue Jul 19 19:38:55 PDT 2005

From: "Vacuum Joe" <vacuumjoe at yahoo.com>
> Once I get this all done I'm going to try to make up a
> new Kaffe 1.1.5 package for OpenBSD so it will be easy
> to use.  Right now OpenBSD has a package for a very
> out-of-date version of Kaffe and Tomcat requires
> installing Sun's JDK, which is a very cumbersome
> procedure on OpenBSD.

Don't bother with the port/package for OpenBSD. I've
done it already. Its not committed yet because there
are issues to be debugged. I think you will find that
using kaffe on OpenBSD with anything more then
a simple hello world app will crash. I should get around
to debugging it in the next week or so.

BTW, I would not call downloading a few distfiles, increasing
limits and typing make install very cumbersome, but
that's just my opinion. We all know opinions vary. :-)


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