[kaffe] Apache Gump Kaffe Run

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jul 20 14:54:59 PDT 2005

Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> On a Solaris Zone [1] we (Gump folks) once again have a Kaffe run [2].

Hi Adam,

thank you very, very much for setting this up again. The gump 
collaboration has been one of the initial sparks that brought people on 
ASF and FSF side together, so it's great to see the gump up again, and 
helping us improve GNU Classpath, Kaffe and all that, and smash the 
ocassional Java trap along the way. ;)

For the casual Kaffe list readers that are not familar with Gump, it's a 
  very nice continuos integration project for just about anything in the 
open source & Free Software Java space (and beyound, these days). There 
is a nice set of slides on the Apache Gump project fresh from the 
ApacheCon Europe taking place in Stuttgart from Leo Simmons available at 


> Please review the "TODOs" list [3] for build problems, some of which could
> be Kaffe related. 

bootstrap ant is fixed now, thanks to Apache Gump and GNU Classpath. 
It't nice how gump helps even with merging. ;)

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