[kaffe] Re: Problem to find a JVM for eCos

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Tue Jun 21 10:08:30 PDT 2005

In <200506211440.j5LEesrw016605 at s2802.fh-konstanz.de> Danny wrote:
> My problem: I have searched for several JVM, which are suitable for =
> eCos,
> but the most JVM for embedded Systems are for other Operating Systems, 
> = like Linux . Does anybody know. If a JVM for eCos exists?. When yes, 
> could = you tell me, where I can get the source code. When there 
> isn=B4t any JVM for = eCos, what I have to modify of the source code 
> of a JVM (for. Example the = =93Kaffe Virtual Machine=94). Is it 
> necessary to modify some parts of the source = code or does anybody 
> know an easier solution.
> Thank you so much for your answers.

damn, does outlook suck!

kaffe supports ARM. but I don't know eCos and thus how far it could be 
from being supported. If eCos is POSIX compliant you might want to try a 
port, starting with the interpreter and jthreads (user-space). You can 
also produce a reduced run-time library to fit your needs.§


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