[kaffe] (Maybe Bug Report): kaffe-1.1.5: Garbage collector:threadData.jvmpiData not scanned for pointers

Alexander Petrossian paf at design.ru
Sun Jun 26 23:31:02 PDT 2005

Guilhem Lavaux @ Friday, June 24, 2005 8:55 PM:
> I am not a JVMPI expert but SetThreadLocalStorage is only there to
> record that some pointer is affected to some thread. I am not
> sure this must be walked by the GC as this may be a "weak" reference. 

thanks, Guilhem, with your punch I've took a closer look and found that 
that particular JVMPI interface function is not used in ThreadLocal class implementation 
as I guessed it was from just the name of it.

I've grepped more and found NO usages of 
which means that this particular part is just reserved for some future use.

so there's NO bug here ;) Just a confusing name.

thanks again.

> On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 17:31 +0400, Alexander Petrossian wrote:
>> jvmpiSetThreadLocalStorage puts a pointer to local storage instances
>> 	there: KTHREAD(get_data)(jt)->jvmpiData = ptr;
>> but that field:
>> 	threadData.jvmpiData
>> is not scanned for pointers neither here
>> 	liveThreadWalker [gc-refs.c]
>> which only looks into
>> 	thread_data->jnireferences
>> nor anywhere else.
>> the letters "jvmpiData" only occur in 3 places in source
>> distribution: 
>> ./kaffe/jvmpi/
>>     431:jvmpi_kaffe.c  jvmpiGetThreadLocalStorage
>>     655:jvmpi_kaffe.c  jvmpiSetThreadLocalStorage
>> ./kaffe/kaffevm/
>>     25:threadData.h    declaration
>> this looks like a but to me, since if that storage would
> hold a last pointer to an object,
>> that object will be reclaimed during garbage collect.
>> test case for that should be obvious.
>> I myself am not a java developer, I even have no kaffe binaries, so
>> I can't run it. 
>> In case this is NOT a bug, please provide a short
> explanation to "how that can work".
>> Alexander Petrossian, Moscow, Russia.
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