[kaffe] Mailing list problem and server update

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Tue Mar 22 10:52:54 PST 2005


Sorry for the mailing list problem - it wasn't working for the last two 
days - it looks like the mailmain qrunner process died for some reason. 
   I restarted it.  Thanks to Dalibor for noticing and telling me.  :-)

As for me - I'm still here.  I'm still planning to move everything to 
the new server soon -- there's a weird ssh problem I need to 
research/debug before I can really do that.  I've been a bit short on 
time lately, due to real life, Japanese lessons, etc...

As for the new server - does anybody want to volunteer to redo the 
website and be the webmaster?  I can set up a Xen session for that.  My 
only requirement is that the new website should run on Kaffe.  :-)

As for the next release - I'm delegating that to Dalibor.  (I'm just too 
short on time lately)


  - Jim

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