[kaffe] Re: Build fail for nb1.6

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Mar 27 04:30:19 PST 2005


I am hesitate to report again this problem, since we are now going to
release 1.1.5 soon.

>Latest snap failed to be compiled on ia32/NetBSD-1.6.
>It was failed by
>  mv -f libkaffevm_la-access.o .libs/libkaffevm_la-access.o
>  mv: rename libkaffevm_la-access.o to .libs/libkaffevm_la-access.o: No such file or directory

Today, I checked why it happend.
When Dalibor introduced '-no-cpp-precomp' option to support Darwin, the
detection routine does not work properly. And at least for NetBSD 1.6,
which caused the 'compiler_c_o' variable in 'libtool' to be "no" rather
than "yes".

This makes libtool not to append '-o' option to the gcc command, and
'make' tries to generate 'access.o' rather than 'libkaffevm_la-access.o'.
Of course, there are no 'libkaffevm_la-access.o' and hence, above error

Now, my question. Is it only happened on NetBSD 1.6? If this does not
happen to newer versions of NetBSD (say, NetBSD 2.0) then releasing should
be ok, but if it happens for all versions of NetBSD, then I think quick
fix for the -no-cpp-precomp detection is very welcome.


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