[kaffe] public static method not found

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Sun Mar 27 13:54:00 PST 2005

> GNU bytecode has recently been merged in into Kaffe for the cp-tools
> tasks in order to support javap task. It seems that this breaks things
> for applications that rely on their own version of gnu bytecode.
> I guess the right fix is to create a tools.jar, and move our version of
> GNU bytecode over there, so that it doesn't get picked up by
> applications. 
> That would require a few changes to the build system, though, so I'd
> like to do that right after 1.1.5 comes out, as I'd like to get 1.1.5
> out ASAP for Debian Sarge.

OK. Thanks to great support from Dalibor and Guilhem, I could finally build
Nice from source using Kaffe again and run our testsuite on it. This gives me
reasonable confidence that the workaround for this bug does not cause serious
problems. It's slightly inconvenient, but if you prefer fixing it after 1.1.5,
that's OK.

The Nice programming language: http://nice.sf.net

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