[kaffe] Kaffe & Gnu ClassPath

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed May 4 09:06:42 PDT 2005

Stage Iup - Fabrice & Frédéric Kwiatkowski wrote:
> Hi all
> i'm looking for a Java VM fully compatible with 1.4.2 version of Java and i 
> would like to know if it is possible to use Gnu ClassPath with Kaffe to 
> enhance the compatibility


latest version of Kaffe, 1.1.5, uses GNU Classpath for most of the core 

1.1.5 shows very good results on Mauve, the Free Software test suite, 
and is, judging by the Mauve results, more faithful in implementing the 
specifications than earlier versions, like 1.0.7.

So if you are interested in increased compatiblity since 1.0.7, by all 
means give 1.1.5 a try, it contains all of GNU Classpath, except for ~20 
'traditional' core Kaffe classes.

I've switched another two classes over in CVS to GNU Classpath since, 
and another one (java.lang.Math) is going in today. Feel free to join in 
the fun :)

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