[kaffe] Re: CVS kaffe (inaba): Fix bugs introduced in Gcc assembler to real assembler conversion.

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Tue May 31 03:10:48 PDT 2005

In <200505281130.j4SBUId7010011 at snoopy.src.ricoh.co.jp> Kiyo Inaba  
> I hope, I will release first version of sh-jit by June 12 (it's my
> birthday). Is it earlier than estimated release date of 1.1.6?

oh, another gemini. You rock, dude :)

A pity we can't meet, have fun about railroads, a wine of glass and of 
course fix all the 68k bugs of kaffe :) I would have a MacIIsi + fpu 
card as a birthday present for you, hehe!


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