[kaffe] Unneeded check for classpath

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Nov 8 21:28:30 PST 2005


As some of you may noticed, I am now trying to build kaffe with latest
big effort, classpath merge (thanks Guilhem and others).

But for embedded platforms, I prefer to use prebuilt jar and for the
first try, I am now struggling with m68k/nb1.6.2. For this port, I can
not (still) use jikes-1.19 or later, and what I have is jikes-1.18.

This is very sad, since classpath's configure script checks jikes version
and it has to be 1.19 or later. Going back to my first requirement, I
don't want to compile classpath itself on this machine, and then I have
one question.

Even though, I specify '--with-glibj-zip' for configure, shall the
classpath's configure check java compiler existence?

If not, can someone remove this check for less powered platforms?


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