[kaffe] kaffe on Mac OS 10.4 dual G5 tower and G4 PowerBook

Joshua Moody moody at ISI.EDU
Thu Nov 10 14:21:27 PST 2005

After some unexpected crashes I rebuild kaffe-1.1.5 using the  
configure directives below.   Then I ran make check.

BTW, this is on a dual G5 tower with Mac OS 10.4.3 with the most  
recent distribution of Xcode.


9 of 147 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org

FAIL: StackDump.java
FAIL: UDPTest.java
FAIL: SoTimeout.java
FAIL: KaffeVerifyBug.java
FAIL: InetSocketAddressTest.java
FAIL: ProcessClassInst.java
FAIL: ProcessClassStop.java
FAIL: InterfaceSuperClass.java
FAIL: ImplementClass.java


Full report follows.

PASS: jitBasic
All 1 tests passed
Making check in regression
Making check in compile_time
Making check in run_time
Making check in compiler
make  check-TESTS
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
PASS: HelloWorldApp.java
PASS: MultiArray.java
PASS: RefTest.java
PASS: TestIntLong.java
PASS: TestFloatDouble.java
PASS: DoubleCvt.java
PASS: DoubleNeg.java
PASS: DoubleConst.java
PASS: DoublePrint.java
PASS: DoubleComp.java
PASS: ModuloTest.java
PASS: LongNeg.java
PASS: FPUStack.java
PASS: NegativeDivideConst.java
PASS: divtest.java
PASS: Str.java
PASS: Str2.java
PASS: InternHog.java
PASS: IndexTest.java
FAIL: StackDump.java
PASS: CatchLimits.class.save
PASS: tname.java
PASS: ttest.java
PASS: ThreadInterrupt.java
PASS: ThreadState.java
PASS: UncaughtException.java
PASS: IllegalWait.java
PASS: WaitTest.java
PASS: Preempt.java
PASS: TestSerializable.java
PASS: TestSerializable2.java
PASS: SerializationCompatibility.java
PASS: SerialPersistentFields.java
PASS: TestSerialVersions.java
PASS: TestSerialPersistent.java
PASS: TestSerialFields.java
PASS: TestObjectStreamField.java
PASS: ReflectInterfaces.java
PASS: InnerTest.java
PASS: SerialUID.java
PASS: TestCasts.java
PASS: Alias.java
PASS: NullPointerTest.java
PASS: NullInvoke.java
PASS: TableSwitch.java
PASS: LostFrame.java
PASS: ConstructorTest.java
PASS: burford.java
PASS: IllegalInterface.java
PASS: GetInterfaces.java
PASS: IntfTest.java
PASS: SignedShort.java
PASS: CharCvt.java
PASS: BadFloatTest.java
PASS: ProcessTest.java
FAIL: UDPTest.java
FAIL: SoTimeout.java
PASS: wc.java
PASS: FileTest.java
PASS: FileChecks.java
PASS: finalexc.java
PASS: finaltest.java
PASS: finaltest2.java
PASS: forNameTest.java
PASS: LoaderTest.java
PASS: ArrayForName.java
FAIL: KaffeVerifyBug.java
PASS: Schtum.java
PASS: Reflect.java
PASS: MethodBug.java
PASS: Bean.java
PASS: SortTest.java
PASS: ArraysTest.java
PASS: SubListTest.java
PASS: HashTest.java
PASS: SecureRandomTest.java
PASS: MapTest.java
PASS: URLTest.java
PASS: PropertiesTest.java
PASS: ReaderTest.java
PASS: CharArrayReaderTest.java
PASS: LineNumberReaderTest.java
PASS: BufferedReaderTest.java
PASS: ReaderReadVoidTest.java
PASS: InputStreamTest.java
PASS: PipeTest.java
PASS: DateFormatTest.java
PASS: GetField.java
PASS: LostTrampolineFrame.java
PASS: NetworkInterfaceTest.java
PASS: InetAddressTest.java
FAIL: InetSocketAddressTest.java
PASS: ShutdownHookTest.java
PASS: TestMessageFormat.java
PASS: ReflectInvoke.java
PASS: InvTarExcTest.java
PASS: DeleteFile.java
PASS: PrimordialLoaderTest.java
PASS: SystemLoaderTest.java
PASS: NoClassDefTest.java
PASS: CLTest.java
PASS: CLTestConc.java
PASS: CLTestJLock.java
PASS: CLTestLie.java
PASS: CLTestFindLoaded.java
PASS: ClassDeadLock.java
PASS: ExceptionTest.java
PASS: ExceptionTestClassLoader.java
PASS: ExceptionTestClassLoader2.java
PASS: TestClassRef.java
PASS: ClassGC.java
PASS: GCTest.java
PASS: ThreadLocalTest.java
PASS: BeanBug.java
PASS: BitSetTest.java
PASS: ExceptionInInitializerTest.java
PASS: InitTest.java
PASS: CLInitThrow.java
PASS: ProcessClassTest.java
FAIL: ProcessClassInst.java
FAIL: ProcessClassStop.java
PASS: FindSystemClass.java
PASS: ProcessClassLockTest.java
PASS: DoubleBug.java
PASS: TestUnlock.java
PASS: MarkResetTest.java
PASS: HashtableTest1.java
PASS: ReflectMultiArray.java
PASS: ExecTest.java
PASS: BadClassVersion.java
FAIL: InterfaceSuperClass.java
FAIL: ImplementClass.java
PASS: FieldErrors.java
PASS: MethodErrors.java
PASS: ProhibitedClass.java
PASS: KaffeInternal.java
PASS: CatchDeath.java
PASS: DeadThread.java
PASS: tthrd1.java
PASS: DosTimeVerify.java
PASS: ZipVerify.java
PASS: ZipTest.java
PASS: TruncatedClass.java
PASS: sysdepCallMethod.java
PASS: TestNative.java
PASS: TestGnuCrypto.java
9 of 147 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org
make[6]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[5]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[4]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[3]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: *** [check-local] Error 2
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

On Oct 12, 2005, at 1:40 PM, Joshua Moody wrote:

> FYI, I have been able to build and run kaffe-1.1.5 and kaffe-1.1.6  
> on a dual G5 tower and a G4 PowerBook running Mac OS 10.4 with the  
> most recent version of Xcode tools installed.
> I used the following command sequence. (* indicates the version of  
> kaffe)
> % sudo ./configure -q --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe-1.1.*/ --with- 
> engine=intrp --disable-native-awt --enable-pure-java-math --without- 
> classpath-gtk-awt --disable-alsatest --disable-esdtest --without- 
> alsa --without-esd --disable-debug
> % sudo make clean
> % sudo make -s
> % sudo make install
> jjm
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