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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Oct 18 04:20:00 PDT 2005

Richard Brady wrote:
> I've had fun this weekend installing Ubuntu on an old 10GB drive. I'm
> guessing Dalibor was joking about that particular Linux flavour but it's
> fine for a noob like me. Had to install a couple of extra packages
> (bison/flex/etc) to get the toolchain compiling but it was pretty
> straightforward.

I currently run Ubuntu on my notebook, among other distros. It's nice. I
change my distributions regularly, though, so now that Breezy is
released, I guess I'll switch to something else for a while. :)

> So Michael, what's my next step?  The OpenWrt docs are saying I need to
> write a Makefile and Config.in <http://Config.in> for the new ipkg but
> as I don't really need it packaged up, is there a simpler way to get it
> cross compiling?  Can I edit the kaffe configure script to use the
> mipsel compiler?

for cross-compiling you first need a local instance of kaffe built for
your OS and installed, since you'll need the kaffeh tool to generate the
headers for the native libraries in kaffe.

once you've installed kaffe locally, set the environment variable KAFFEH
to /full/path/to/wherever/you/installed/kaffeh so that configure can
pick it up.

Finally, tell configure that you're cross compiling for a different
platform, so pass --build='platform-name-prefix-for-gcc' to configure.

You can find out the platform name prefix by looking sharply at the
supplied toolchain for your platform. For example, if your gcc is called
arm-gnu-linux-gcc , then the prefix is arm-gnu-linux :)

That helps configure find the right tools to end up producing the
correct binaries for your platform.

I hope this helps!

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