[kaffe] kaffe and javax

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 03:54:44 PDT 2005


> It seems to me that the requested function are implemented in
> libraries/javalib/java/awt/
> which is part of GNU classpath, while I'm using the implementation
> from libraries/javalib/awt-implementations/kaffe/java/awt/,
> So the question is: to have the supoprt for swing, do I need
> to use GNU classpath: the problem is that, from what I understand,
> if I remove
> --without-classpath-gtk-awt
> from configuration, I will need GTK, which is not present
> in my system: so to use swing, do I need to install GTK?

You're right, classpath's swing is only supported running on top of
Classpath's AWT implementation :-(
Hmm, could be interresting to try to push kaffe's X implemntation so
that it would be compatible again since its quite lightweight and
stable compared to classpaths GTK based AWT which for now still
appears a bit "clumsy" ;-)

There have been reports that the proprietary swing-version does work
on Kaffe's XAWT (search the mailing lists, there have been some posts
about this issue), although not the very last one but previous

Another thing I could recommend is using yet another lightweight
library, I would recommend LwVCL ( www.lwvcl.com ) which I used to
develop a quite complex rich-client applet and which should be much
more suited for your use. Using it you could also remove most of
kaffe's swing and awt (all the native widgets) classes.

lg Clemens

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