[kaffe] Does Kaffe's JIT support ARM?

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Thu Oct 27 04:33:08 PDT 2005

On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 11:48:58AM +0200, Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
> A better question might be whether Kaffe's JIT supports
> any architecture other than x86.  I had it 98% working
> for MIPS under Linux a couple of years ago, failing only
> a handfull of tests and working well enought to run
> the embedded caffeinemark (with very good results,
> I might add), but subsequent enhancements and fixes
> to Kaffe broke it completely, and I gave up on it.

Yeah ... I'd love to see arm and mips pick up steam again, and if you
are interested in merging your improvements in (or Jari is interested in
making his patches go in, if some of his patches were dropped, too), you 
can surely get CVS access and improve arm and mips support.

> I've heard that the story is pretty much the same
> for other RISC-like architectures.  Does *anyone*
> have it working on a non-x86?  PPC maybe?

Sparc seems to have held up nicely over the years, without requiring
much intensive maintainance (nicely meaning <3 regressions in general).
I don't know why, afair there was noone specifically maintinaing Kaffe
in shape on sparc in the last three years, but it seems to have worked
anyway. Mips and arm on the other hand seem to have been hit harder by
changes in the rest of the system. Off the top of ny head, I don't know
why that would be the case: mips and arm had a lot more interest in
patches and submissions on the lists than sparc did, afair.

That's the only one, afaict. Kiyo has been working on m68k jits as well,
though I don't have an m68k around to say how well those have stood the
test of time.

The rest would really need more maintenance, a switch to use libffi if 
available (seems to help with things on mips, and arm, for example), etc.

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