[kaffe] Compile problem after classpath merge

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Sat Oct 29 06:19:15 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of modifing debian's kaffe package
after the classpath merge and found a problem with selecting the
compiler to use:

Using jikes makes no problems. However we want to switch to ecj
as default compiler. Before the merge we used --with-jikes=/usr/bin/ecj
together with some JAVAC_FLAGS arguments. This now results during
compilation in external/classpath in

Adding generated files in builddir '..'.
/usr/bin/ecj +Pno-shadow +Pno-switchcheck +F  -bootclasspath '' -extdirs '' 
-sourcepath '' --classpath 
[...] -d . @classes
directory does not exist: +Pno-shadow
make[4]: *** [compile-classes] Error 255

Classpath needs a --with-ecj switch for using ecj. The -with-jikes=/usr/bin/ecj
switch needs somehow to be translated into a --with-ecj switch for the 
classpath build. Or kaffe should provide different compiler switches like
classpath does.

Currently classpath thinks a jikes compiler is used but uses the ecj
command. However ecj does not know of the special jikes switches like
+Pno-shadow and fails.


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