[kaffe] two OpenBSD patches

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Sep 9 08:54:52 PDT 2005

Kurt Miller wrote:
> OpenBSD's pthreads support setting priorities, however they don't
> behave like many applications expect. I believe the issue is that higher
> priority threads can completly starve lower priority threads. Apps like
> mozilla*, Sun's jdk, etc don't expect that and thus have been patched
> to not set thread priorities on OpenBSD. The same issue applies to kaffe.

hi Kurt,

thank you for the patch. I've checked it in now, and I'm really sorry
for the long delay.

> Also sys/resource.h needs sys/types.h and sys/time.h on OpenBSD,
> actually *BSD if I believe the man pages.

That one has been fixed meanwhile by another patch going in from
Riccardo, I believe.

> With the following patches the intrp engine passes all but 6 regress
> tests on OpenBSD/i386:
> FAIL: DoubleIEEE.java
> FAIL: WaitTest.java
> FAIL: Preempt.java
> FAIL: ProcessTest.java *
> FAIL: wc.java
> FAIL: CatchDeath.java
> * Sometimes passes

cool. It could be nice to get an openbsd tinderbox up and running,
that'd build CVS head once per day, for example. See
http://tinderbox.anholt.net/tinderbox3/showbuilds.pl?tree=kaffe for
details how to participate, if you have some spare cycles and cron time
to burn.

> The jit engine fails more and needs work on OpenBSD.

OK. It makes more sense to get intrp working first, and then to move
onto the jitter.

dalibor topic

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